Beautiful Homes

Built For Life

Timeless Design

Distinctive Character

Quality Craftsmanship

Life should be lived
in a beautiful home.

You want a home that fits your style and personality. You want a home that feels solid and looks amazing. The problem is most houses are boring, outdated, and don’t fit your individual needs. We understand, and we can help.

  • Are you tired of living in an outdated, ordinary, or unattractive home?
  • Do you feel you are living in a house that wasn’t built for you?

A Better Way

Living in a home you don’t love is frustrating.  We get it!  That’s why we build homes with timeless design, distinctive character, and quality craftsmanship. At Whitten Homebuilders we guide you through the construction process from planning to design, from construction to completion so you can enjoy a new home without the stress.

Here's How It Works

Our Process

First, we walk you through the design process so you can create the ideal floor plan. Next, we help you design the interior of your home, select flooring, countertops, and fixtures, and choose paint colors that express your personality. Then we handle all the construction from the foundation to the landscaping to ensure all codes are met and the highest quality is achieved.

Planning & Design

We will create an ideal floor plan and interior design to fit your style.


We handle the construction process start to finish to ensure quality.

Love Your Home

You'll love the experience almost as much as you'll love your new home.

Welcome To Your Beautiful Home

Reach out to us and let’s get some ideas on paper so you can start living life in a beautiful home built just for you.